Why pay to store your valued belongings, miles from home, when they could be just steps from your door?
Rent-to-own is a great alternative to renting an out-of-the-way storage space!

Products included in our Rent-to-own Program:

Rent-to-Own is a month to month agreement that gives you the freedom to have your belongings conveniently stored on your property with affordable monthly payments and the opportunity to own the building.

Rental Payment Contracts

We offer 24, 36, 48, and 60-month Rent-to-Own contracts on our portable storage buildings, carports, Garages, RV Covers and Barns.  When you are ready to pay off the agreement at any point, you can do it without penalty!

Same As Cash Option

Same as Cash Option is available with Most Traditional, Modern Buildings, Carports, Garages, RV Covers and Barns.

No Credit Check

We don’t require a credit check for our Rent-to-Own program. Our requirements for rental agreements include:

  • A valid Driver’s License or State issued ID.
  • A Low Down payment or rental payment on portable storage buildings.  Carports, Garages, RV Covers and Barns require more down.  Ask your Sales Associate.
  • Modern, 14′ & 16 wide, garage or special built buildings may require more down.
  • Free delivery.  Speak with your sales associate for Free Delivery details.
  • Some restrictions may apply.

Are you interested in Financing your New Storage Building?

We also offer financing on any new Storage Building that includes 12 MONTHS SAME AS CASH through 1st Heritage Credit. For customers interested in this option, we will process your application for you.

For more information on Rent-to-Own or financing options contact a sales representative at (205) 428-6147

Installation Requirements

We ask our customers to assist in making the installation efficient and safe. Here are the requirements for installation:

Create a Clear Path

Please create a clear path free of fences or other obstructions for proper installation. If you need assistance, some obstructions may be moved for an additional fee. Storage buildings will be placed on concrete blocks to level the building.  Carports, Garages, RV Covers, and Barns are installed on your level land or concrete foundation.

Utility Lines, Permits, Right of Way, Restrictions & Codes

Please inform the installer of any underground cables, gas lines, septic and field lines or other utility lines.  Archer Storage Buildings is not responsible for any damage to utilities.

Additionally, Archer Storage Buildings is not responsible for:

  • Local Permit
  • Covenant searches
  • Property right of way easements
  • Set back restrictions
  • Electrical and plumbing code requirements
  • Damage to any lawn, vegetation or utility lines