Premier Wood Buildings

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Premier Wood Buildings are attractive, affordable, high quality, hand crafted and long lasting buildings constructed the old fashion way.  Premier Wood Buildings are a great storage solution  for all storage needs with completely customized back yard sheds, portable garages, utility buildings, loft barns and cabins.   They are perfect for:

  • Extra storage for your treasured items
  • She Shed
  • Man Cave
  • Workshop
  • Tractor, Mover and Lawn Tools
  • Lofted space for extra storage
  • A place to create your own environment
  • No access to back yard? Build on Site is available in the Urban Structure Series


  • Pressure Treated 2″x 6″ Band,  2″x 6″ Floor joists and notched 4″x 6″ Skids
  • Floor Joists on 16″ centers
  • 5/8″ Tongue & Groove LP ProStruct Floor with Smart Finish
  • Garage Floor Joists on 12″ centers and 3/4″ Premium Flooring
  • Wall studs on 16″ on center and double studded on Siding Seams
  • Urethane Painted LP Smart Siding
  • 70″ Double Door with Lock & Key (except cabins)
  • Painted or Galvalume Metal Roof with wood decking
  • 6 ft Deep porch with railing and 36″ 9-lite House door on Cabins


  • Shelving
  • Workbench
  • Extra Loft space
  • Extra Doors and Windows
  • Roll up doors
  • 25 Siding, Trim and roof colors to choose from
Premier Wood buildings FAQ

Are the Premier Wood Buildings fully assembled or do I need to hire someone to assemble it? 

Premier Wood buildings are delivered fully assembled and ready for use.







I do not have access to my backyard.  Can I still get a Premiere Wood Building?

YES.  Build on site Buildings are available in the Urban Structures Series.

Do I need a permit for my Premier Wood building?

That varies by municipality, city or county.  Check with your local permit office to see what the requirements are for your location.  They will provide you with an application for a permit if needed and let you know the process you need to take.


How long does it take to get  a Premier Wood building after purchase?

All Premier Wood Buildings that are in stock have a delivery time of 5 to 7 business days.   Buildings that need to be ordered have a delivery time of 10 to 20 business days.